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Welcome to Lyondar - Most Fun Minecraft Server!

by Elykius at 7:21 PM
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So, as you all know, and as much as it pains me to say it, Ion is basically dead. No donations, perms were super broken for the last 2-3 weeks, outdated, and no proper admins working on anything server-wise. (I'm not blaming anyone, people just have lives that get in the way, :p) The server’s basically been dying ever since the disastrous update to 1.9, we all know it.
Well, the server isn’t what’s most important, the community is. What we need is a relatively low-cost server to maintain compared to the ~80 USD Ion takes. We still have some active community members, but we don't have the player-base to raise $80 a month, it's just a fact. We need at least one competent admin who has the time to work on the server, and a large enough player-base to attract new members. An outdated server doesn’t really attract people, so it would have to be 1.10 at least.
Anyway, this server is already being made. It already has a survival world and a plot world, and ranks are being worked on. I’m...
by lucassette at 8:58 AM
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Faction World Borders
will be lowered to a radius of 20,000 on July 26th 2016
Please move your bases as soon as possible so I can possibly lower the borders earlier.
If you can not meet the deadline, then say a good "See you never" to your items again.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Ioncraft Administration
by lucassette at 7:43 PM
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The Admin Team apologizes for the long wait for factions. It is currently up, we hope you have fun and enjoy it! Report any bugs to lucadel008, MeRocks2000, LeaderJ, or any moderator.

- lucadel008
by MeRocks2000 at 6:01 PM
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Finally, Faction World 1.9 is ready! This world will not update to 1.10.

Cannoning: This world will be a cannon world. Withers will be disabled. Every piece of Obsidian has 10 HP. A hit with TnT does 3 damage. Every 10 minutes, the obby regens 1 HP. Because it is a cannon world, all chests (even claimed ones) are able to be opened by everyone.

Admin Shop and Marketplace:
We have worked to try to balance out the economy a bit better than earlier worlds. We are emphasizing the use of Player to Player trading. The Admin Shop has been greatly nerfed to try to help achieve this. Each plot also has its own region so now others can't grief your shop!

All commands that were able to be bought last year have been temporarily disabled and will be revived in the future.

Have fun building your factions up strong!

For the first 5 days, to give a grace period, TnT and PvP will be disabled.

Ioncraft Administration
by lucassette at 10:23 AM
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Hello! The long awaited faction world will soon be coming back to Ioncraft! Although since in 1.9 pvp has changed immensely, we wanted to know what you want for the next Ioncraft Faction World. Would you like us to update factions to 1.9 or keep it 1.8? Please vote as soon as possible. Thank you
the poll will be closed on June 1st, 2016
by Elykius at 3:58 PM
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Official IonCraft Building Contest #27
April 21, 2016 - May 5, 2016 May 12, 2016
Theme: Favourite Movie, Book, or Show
Hello IonCraft!
Welcome to the twenty-seventh official server-sponsored building contest! This contest's theme is Favourite Movie, Book, or Show! Essentially, this means build a scene or building from your favourite movie, book, or show. Feel free to use your imagination and be creative, but remember that all Ioncraft rules still apply regarding builds. Please be sure to read all of the Rules & Guidelines before submitting your entry.

Rules & Guidelines
  • No plagiarism. You may not copy someone else's design, or base your build off of someone else's design. Doing so is an automatic disqualification.
  • This event is a single-player event. You may not receive any help from any other players!
  • You may not submit builds in any other world except Creative Plotworld. This means no megaplots or...