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Welcome to Lyondar - Most Fun Minecraft Server!

by MeRocks2000 at 8:11 AM
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3/29/16 - 5:20pmEST - The network is back up and running! All servers are back up in running (except fw). Factions is in the process of a reset. This is a BETA version right now. This means that there will be bugs, glitches, and possibly some plugins that may be disabled. Please report all issues, no matter how big or small, to the Report a Bug forum! There also may be periodic reboots if work needs to be done. Thanks!


NOTICE: 3/19/16 - 4:00EST - We have taken down the main network to start the upgrade. There is no ETA on a completion. A temp server has been hosted for the time being which follows under Faction Rules (including mods this time).


Recently, as almost all of you know, Minecraft 1.9 was released. It is a major update for PvP as well as some biome changes. The server will partially be upgrading (will explain) in a few weeks once a bunch of the bugs are knocked out.

The Partial...
by Elykius at 9:24 PM
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Hello IonCraft!

Recently, me and a few other town owners came up with the idea of The Towny Games. What this is would essentially be an Olympic games of sorts for the Towny World. We are still in the planning stage, so if you have any ideas, please reply to this thread. Here are some of the ideas to date:

-Fishing Contest
-Pig Races
-Horse Races
-Sword Combat
-Maze Running
-Boat Races

We are planning to have a Towny Games Committee that oversees location and event handling for the games. We would like to have representatives from all the major towns. Currently it consists of myself, Badger_Games, aerion23, and SockPants, representing Frostaria, Dogelin, Aviolym, and dink, respectively. If you feel you would be a good addition to this group, please reply below with your reasoning.

The location of the...
by Elykius at 10:53 AM
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Official IonCraft Building Contest #26
February 18, 2016 - March 3, 2016 March 10, 2016
Theme: Temples
Hello IonCraft!
Welcome to the twenty-sixth official server-sponsored building contest! This contest's theme is Temples! Feel free to use your imagination and be creative, but remember that all Ioncraft rules still apply regarding builds. Please be sure to read all of the Rules & Guidelines before submitting your entry.

Rules & Guidelines
  • No plagiarism. You may not copy someone else's design, or base your build off of someone else's design. Doing so is an automatic disqualification.
  • This event is a single-player event. You may not receive any help from any other players!
  • You may not submit builds in any other world except Creative Plotworld. This means no megaplots or smallplots.
  • You may not submit builds that have been created before the contest start date.
  • You may not use more than one plot....
by Elykius at 10:47 AM
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Official IonCraft Screenshot Contest #2
February 18, 2016 - March 3, 2016 March 10, 2016
Theme: Towny
Welcome to the second official IonCraft Screenshot Contest! In this contest, you will be showing off your skills as a photographer and photo editor! This contest's theme is Towny! This is a fairly vague topic, so feel free to use your imagination and be creative, but remember that all IonCraft rules still apply. Please be sure to read all of the Rules & Guidelines before submitting your entry.

Rules & Guidelines
  • You may not submit screenshots that are not your own.
  • You may use other players in your screenshots, but only the creator will receive credit.
  • You may only submit screenshots taken in IonCraft from the Towny world.
  • You may not submit screenshots taken before the contest start date. Feel free to post previously taken screenshots in our Videos & Screenshots...
by MeRocks2000 at 6:13 PM
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Fellow Ioncrafters,
There are a few major updates that many have been requesting. They have finally been implemented!

  • Skyblock World Release!!! (/warp sb) - Our version of skyblock is a bit different from how most servers have it. Usually, servers just have a plugin that has islands. You get a "starter" kit and expand your island. Ours has that concept, but has many more features. This world follows all faction world rules. Whats different than most, is the Factions plugin is installed on here! Claiming is disabled but you are able to team up with other players, ally and enemy other factions for the PvP concept of the world! In this world, Faction tags are blue and in the real Factions world, the tags are red! A little bored of PvP? Do some challenges! Make some money by completing challenges! More will be added soon! Just do /challenges on the Skyblock server and complete as you wish! Challenges will be enabled soon. In the spawn for...
by MeRocks2000 at 11:52 AM
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This is just a little update on what has recently happened in Factions.

mcMMo -
  • mcMMo Levels have been reset.
  • Everyone on /mctop has been refunded for their levels.
  • Prices went from 1 - $1000, 100 - $90,000 and 200 - $170000 to 1 - $10,000. 100 - $900,000 and 200 for $1,400,000. This has been done to more balance the economy.
Crates -
  • Horse Pet has been removed.
  • Looting 5 Chance increased from 0.5% to 3%