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Welcome to Lyondar - Most Fun Minecraft Server!

by LeaderJ at 8:12 PM
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Hi there,

I am very aware that server tends to crash after a few hours of being online. To counter this, I have set up an auto-rebooting feature to run every 4 hours. This will not affect the map in any way, and just simply restart the server to refresh the RAM memory.

In other news...
Please share your appreciation for Noble7REACH and Sai123003 for donating a combined total of $25 this week! We are 60% of the way to reaching our need of $40.oo USD by the 25th of September. To see some of the Donator ranks perks, visit this thread: http://www.ioncraft.org/index.php?posts/3054/

I'm also constantly working on updating the server. Expect new features to come daily. Please report any bugs or issues here: http://www.ioncraft.org/index.php?forums/report-a-bug.143/

Thank you.
by LeaderJ at 3:18 PM
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Hello everyone, I am happy to announce that the server has finally been updated. Since there's so many new updates, I'll just go over them one at a time.

1. New Economy and Chest Shops!
We now have virtual money in Ioncraft! Use /econ help for economy commands. We also have Chest Shops! For more information on how to use a chest shop, see this thread http://ioncraft.org/index.php?threads/how-to-create-use-chest-shops.136/#post-200 and there's an in-game example near the spawn point.

2. New Rank!
We now have a new rank called Elite. Elite's are those who have donated over $60. They get WorldEdit and ability to change their displayname.

3. Timber, MobDisguise, and MobArena
We now have Timber mod basically installed on our server which makes the entire tree fall when you chop the bottom log. It also automatically replants the sapling. This can be toggled on and off using /TreeAssist toggle command. Mobdisguise has been added for Legends (not working at the...
by LeaderJ at 1:39 PM
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Update 8-26-12
Registrations have re-opened without restrictions as we have found a way to prevent spam accounts from registering!

Important Update:
I've had to end new account registrations. I deeply and sincerely appoligize to any innocent people attempting to register a new forum account. Our forums are being attacked and I don't know why. All I can say is that there's been over 400 fake and fraudulent accounts created in the past 5 days and it's become too much of a hassle to manually delete them all. Hopefully new registrations can resume within 48 hours. If anyone has any information as to the origin of this attack, please come forward.
by LeaderJ at 2:13 PM
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Due to our website now being attacked daily by fake accounts posting advertisements and viruses on our website, I have created some new restrictions regarding the registration of new website/forum accounts.

Reminder: Never click on a link posted by someone you don't trust. Avoid clicking on any link that directs you to an unfamiliar website as it may contain malicious viruses.

1. New accounts will now have to confirm email.
When you sign up, a message will be sent to your email inbox to confirm that you own that email address. I had this feature off before because I usually find it annoying when I have to do this myself.

2. New accounts will now have to be manually approved by me before they can post.
This I very much don't like, but it is nescessary now that we are being attacked. If you have signed up for an account that is legititimate, please contact ColonelJdog (LeaderJ), as soon as possible with your account username so that I...
by LeaderJ at 1:31 PM
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Our forums have been attacked by fake accounts posting links to products, videos, or other such various things. These links contain MALWARE and VIRUSES that can severely compromise or harm your computer or personal information. I encourage you to report any posts that you find that contain these malicious links. We are working hard at removing these fake accounts.

by LeaderJ at 4:12 PM
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Hello everyone,

I would like to appoligize to everyone for the server being down. I've been going through hell week in football, which is two long hard practices a day. When Im not practicing, I'm trying to rest and am too tired to work on the server. I've been doing some reconsideration about whether or not I will continue to play football, but as of right now, I am really extremely busy.

This sunday, I will try to get the server back online and try to get things updated. I also appoligize to donators or anyone else who hasn't received what they need.

If I do end up not continueing football, I will have more time to work on server.

Goodbye for now,