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Welcome to Lyondar - Most Fun Minecraft Server!

by LeaderJ at 6:33 PM
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Hello everyone,

I'm back from my week long vacation. I would just like to say for the record that from this point on, I will be a very busy man on the week days. I will have a lot of football practice and school coming up. I have to finish all of my homework before I can begin to work on the server so expect slower updates.

Next, I will be working on a new update for the server. I'd like to establish some sort of economy server. While I was away in a rural part of the United States (southern Utah), I liked the idea of owning a ranch and having cows and stuff. I realised that I could make this happen within Minecraft. So, I'll be thinking of a way to introduce an economy into a vanilla survival server. There would be endless possibilities of making money, including real esate, selling stuff, etc. and I, personally, would like to have my own Minecraft ranch and steak restaurant ;).

Anyways, I'm open for comments and suggestions. With this server update will come a new map, and...
by LeaderJ at 2:26 AM
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Hello everyone! We have a lot of updates today so please read carefully!

The server is currently running 1.3 pre-release. It may or may not have compatibility errors with the official release. It will be updated to the official release in a few hours.
Please note: The server does not have anti-creeper or rollback support yet. We may or may not start a new map when these features become available.

Next, we are ditching Bukkit. Don't panic! We are returning the server similar to its Beta 1.7 state. All available commands can be found using /help ingame. The rules can also be found, as always, using /rules ingame.

Notable Command Updates
First of all, Patrons and Veterans now have the following commands (as of August 1, 2012): /kit <kitname>, /protect, and...
by LeaderJ at 8:16 PM
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An unexpected power outage caused my computer to suddenly crash. This has caused something to become corrupt. I will fix it later as I am going out tonight and won't be back.

So as of 8:15 PM PST, July 23, 2012, the server is officially down for a few hours until I return.

by LeaderJ at 2:45 AM
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Hello everyone,

Excellent news today. Ioncraft is back online! Our IP is, as always, play.ioncraft.org.

Major Updates
- We are now using Residence! Residence is a Bukkit Plugin that enables normal members to protect there own homes from grief and other such features. Learn how to use Residence by clicking here or by using the /res ? command in-game. A more simple guide to Residence can be found in the Information forum shortly.
- Ioncraft has increased it's difficulty. The difficulty level of the server is now 2 or normal. This means survival will be a bit more challenging than before.
- PVP is now enabled globally. PVP can be disabled in residences by using the /res set <residence name> pvp false command.

All ranks were lost during the crash. If you had a donator...
by LeaderJ at 4:53 AM
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Hello everyone,

I bring some very bad news today. A glitch in our server's VPS caused the server to crash and all files to be permanently wiped.

The backup I had of the server was on my old computer and I no longer have immediate access to that.

What this means
The server will be down for an unknown amount of time. I have to reconstruct the server from scratch.

In the mean time, you guys can talk on the forums.

I'm sorry once again. It was out of my control.

by LeaderJ at 11:10 PM
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Hello everyone,

Lots of pleasant news to bring today! First and foremost, the server is alive and healthy :D! We have had many new players join us and we welcome all existing members to come on and meet new friends!

New Donator Ranks and Ranks Reset!
Ranks have been reset due to the new server update. If you previously held a donator rank or something similar, please contact a mod or myself to get it fixed. Thank you.

We've decided to similarly match our Minecraft Beta 1.7 rank settings. The following lists all of the ranks on the server: