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Welcome to Lyondar - Most Fun Minecraft Server!

by LeaderJ at 1:52 PM
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Hello everyone,

I have decided that the most fun part of Minecraft is simply surviving with your friends on a vanilla server! I am now planning to release Ioncraft Vanilla, a basic vanilla survival server.

It will be unwhitelisted and very different from our old server style. It will have very little plugins, only some anti-cheat and anti-grief. I haven't decided what previous and future donators should receive, but I'm thinking just simply more commands like /heal, /feed, and /god, and a higher rank. And maybe even some fun (useless) commands listed on this page: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/commandbin/pages/v3-0-commands-and-permissions/

When the server is released, an updated post with all of the commands per rank will be released.

Also, I will be re-opening Moderator Applications. If you feel like you have what it takes, please fill out and post the form below.

by LeaderJ at 9:28 PM
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Hello Everyone,

The server has been in existence for over a year. We've all had many great memories. However, I think the server is on it's last breath. It has fallen inactive. Rarely anyone plays the server now. I've tried to get people to advertise but people haven't or have relied on others to do it, who haven't.

I don't see a point to continue to spend $30/month to keep the server running if barely anyone desires to play on it.

So what is the future on Ioncraft? Well, as some of you may know, I like to make videos on YouTube such as Adventure Map gameplays or other things like that. Also, my favorite part about Minecraft is vanilla survival. I would happily host a whitelisted vanilla survival server with little events and stuff like that from time to time. Also, whenever I am doing a let's play of an adventure map or something else, I could post a thread here on the forums for any volunteers.

Please let me know what you think in the comments. In short, I would happily...
by LeaderJ at 1:53 PM
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Dear everyone,

In order to remove the massive grief caused by ex-Lord "clockwinder", I was forced to blindly rollback the land in a radius of 20,000 blocks from near the center of his massive lava wall grief, for a time of 10 days. If you're land was affected, I am deeply sorry.

by LeaderJ at 11:57 AM
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Hello Ioncraftians,

Today marks a great milestone in the server's history! Ioncraft RP, our beta project, has been officially released! More information on the changes made to the server can be found in this post: http://ioncraft.org/index.php?posts/1575/.

IP: play.ioncraft.org

Please re-read the rules. Especially /rules 3 and /rules 4. Failing to follow any rule on any page may result in a ban from the server.

Main Points

• TPA! Annoyed by pesky players teleporting to you without your approval? Now with /tpa, the teleport requires your approval!
• We've added Essentials to our server. This means many more donator perks and commands coming soon!
• We've added Factions! You must be the rank of Paladin or higher to create a faction. Faction rules can be found by reading the PVP rules and also be visiting the link in the first paragraph. Also, PVP is allowed outside of Verona (the...
by LeaderJ at 12:26 PM
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Hello Ioncraftians,

Please read through this post carefully. Updates to the forums to reflect the changes in the server will happen overtime.

What's New
Ioncraft is now an RP server. This means our server is set during a certain time zone. In this casse, medieval times. Also, economy is very important as trading is key to survival.

We now have MCJobs. Everyone is allowed to have two jobs. It's important to have a job so that you can make money and contribute to the Ioncraft society. Information on this can be found using the /jobs help command, ingame.

Ranks have changed. The following describes these changes:
Guest = Peasant
Member = Citizen
VIP = Knight
Patron = Paladin
Elite = Noble
Legend = Lord
Moderator = Prince
Emperor = Jbolsahck (operator)
Me = King

A separate post describing the updated perks of each rank can be found here: (link coming soon).

Next, we will be adding Essentials. Essentials is a plugin that contains hundreds of commands to...
by LeaderJ at 6:00 PM
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Hello Everyone,

Lately, the server has become rather boring and inactive. I've been brainstorming and have come up with an idea for the future of the server. What if we turned Ioncraft into a role-playing server?

Option 1: There would be high quality cities and roads and players could open shops and hire employees. The economy would be a very important aspect of the game. There would be neighborhoods as well and you could apply for a space to build your house. Players could choose to become miners or farmers, etc. to sell products and make money. Outside of the cities and neighborhoods, PVP could remain on so watch our for thieves!

Option 2: We could set the server back in the middle ages with kings (ops), nobles (donators and recruiters), knights (mods), citizens (members), and peasants (guests). There would be castles and cities where players could open shops and other such things. We could use factions and each "kingdom" could war eachother for land and other things. PVP...