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Welcome to Lyondar - Most Fun Minecraft Server!

by LeaderJ at 8:05 PM
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Hello Ioncraft,

I'd like to give a warm welcome to BrandonTMSHQ, joining the team of Moderators here. We believe 'Brandon' deserves this honor because he is loyal, extremely active, a great guy, and a heart for helping the server. He will be a good moderator.

Please wish him good luck! :)

by jbolsahck at 12:36 AM
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While updating WorldGuard, I had a brainfart and accidentally deleted the region file, so all regions have been lost. You need to make sure to redo your areas, as well as any players that ask for protection, as usual.
Sorry for the inconvenience, ​
~Jbol ​
by jbolsahck at 3:49 PM
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Dear Ioncraft,
As we all know, the minecraft 1.2 update has more or less rendered our server vanilla. I have updated all plugins that were updateable. Please note that a few plugins are no longer being used due to being outdated (things like AlphaChest, McBans, and a few others). Do not worry about the banning issue, one of our plugins takes care of banning and kicking. You guys should notice almost no difference than before the 1.2 update. Let me know here if there are any problems.

by LeaderJ at 10:30 PM
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An important bug has been brought to my attention. Due to the rewrite of Bukkit's code, all plugins have stopped working. The server will be online; however, there will be no commands or ranks. The server will be practically running in vanilla, which is what I just described. Once the plugins update, we will begin a new map if the current one has been griefed. Because our anti-grief plugins are down, griefing has become possible (although there isn't anything to grief yet!).

All server rules still apply! Anyone caught breaking any rule will receive normal punishment.

by LeaderJ at 9:31 PM
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Update: The server is now online with 1.2. The server will be extremely buggy for the next few days.
Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that Minecraft 1.2 has been released. If you're interested in knowing what's in the latest update, please read this thread.

About Updating
Simple Version: We will be updating to Minecraft 1.2 and with all updates will come bugs, or things not working. Please bare with us and feel free to report any problems you come across in this forum.

Advanced Version: We will begin our update process by saving a backup of our Minecraft 1.1 server files. We'll upload the latest Bukkit development build and generate a new map. We will update our server software (dev. builds) everyday until a final release (recommended build) is made. Most, if not all plugins will be outdated and...
by LeaderJ at 12:49 AM
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Minecraft 1.2 is approaching. This means we will be having a new map soon. If you have something that should be transferred over to the next map, please reply here. Please note that the only things that will qualify are mega-builds or insanely cool, must-have builds. All transfers must be approved by an Operator.

This is just a quick announcement and will only last until Minecraft 1.2 is released.

Please do not request your houses or other things that can be rebuilt to be transferred. Only must-haves should be approved.