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Welcome to Lyondar - Most Fun Minecraft Server!

by LeaderJ at 7:35 PM
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Dear Moderators,

This is a personal message from your supreme ruler, LeaderJ. Please DO NOT accuse anyone of breaking any rule unless you have pictures or video of them committing it or confessing to it. If you have any questions, you know how to contact me.

by LeaderJ at 4:32 PM
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Ioncraft Weekly News
February 25, 2012

Forum Updates
We have a lot of planned future updates with Ioncraft this week. First off all, we will be adding forum ranks to the website. If you are not a member in-game, you will be able to request your forums rank to update to match your in-game rank soon. You can request your rank to updated here (work in progress).

Also, we will be posting an information thread in each forum describing what should be posted there to hopefully prevent any confusion.

Third, I will be working on adding mobile support for the website. This will not include the XAT chat, however, as that is it's own separate thing.

This week we will be focusing on revising our economy. Money...
by LeaderJ at 6:22 PM
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Hello Ioncraft!

I am pleased to announce that I am creating a new website for you! The software for this website cost $150 so be grateful ;). This website will act just like the previous, except it is way more high quality and fun to use. There are many bugs that still need to be fixed and lot of information that must be transferred.

If you have any questions, please contact jbolsahck or leaderj.