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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IonCraft?

IonCraft is the most fun Minecraft PC multiplayer server! We offer tons of exciting gamemodes and worlds, including: Creative, Factions Survival, Towny Survival, Hunger Games, Spleef, Paintball, Mob Arena, Capture the Flag, One in the Chamber, Sky Block, Sky Wars, and more! Everyone can play IonCraft for free! We are a fun community dedicated to providing you a safe place to enjoy Minecraft and take a break from the outside world!

What is the IP/server address?

IonCraft's Minecraft multiplayer server address is: play.ioncraft.org

How do I join and play?

Simply enter our IP, play.ioncraft.org, in your Minecraft multiplayer screen. Once you connect, you will spawn in our Hub and be given a compass. Right click while holding the compass, or say /compass into the chat to open up the Ioncraft world selection menu. Click a world and begin playing!

How do I become a Citizen?

To become a citizen, click here and reply to the post with your Minecraft username.

How to Reply
1. Make sure you are logged in, or sign up (top right).
2. If you are logged in already, reply to the topic by typing your username (at the bottom of the page) and click Post.
3. If you weren't logged in yet, go back to our page and perform step 2.
4. When you have replied, wait patiently for a moderator to promote you.

What are the rules of IonCraft?

Ioncraft's server rules may be read by clicking here, or by typing /rules into the chat, in-game.

How do I appeal a ban?

Information on how to correctly appeal your ban can be found by clicking here. Please read the entire post before submitting your appeal.

How do I report a rulebreaker?

You may report rulebreakers and inappropriate behavior by clicking here. Additionally, you may report Suspicious Behavior, or file a Complaint against another player or staff member. Please include screenshots or video as proof.

I want to be a Moderator! How do I apply?

You may read instructions on the Moderator Application process by clicking here. Please understand that we only hire Moderators on an as-needed basis. You are welcome to submit an application, but we do not guarantee that it will be officially reviewed until a later date.

How do I donate?

To make a generous contribution to our server, please visit our webstore by clicking here. There, you may select various ranks, perks, or other rewards you would like to receive after donating. Please be 18 or older, or have your parents' permission before donating. To learn more about donating, please click here.

Why are certain words censored?

Ioncraft is designed to be a friendly and safe place for the whole family. We do our best to keep the chat as clean as possible, and we do censor any words that have the potential to be abused or used offensively. If this is an issue, then we kindly suggest that you change the topic of conversation. Thank you.
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