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New Profile Posts

  1. MasterKilla
    Well, I'm back? I don't know what to say. I was here, then I died, but I'm back! I was poorer than Ethiopia, but now I have a computer! RIP.
  2. Lockell
    Lockell LeaderJ
  3. Yusanii
  4. CanyonsYT7
    I am a mod on IonCraft1.
  5. CanyonsYT7
  6. CreeprsBae
    Well Well What Do We Have Here...
  7. DogPounder69
    DogPounder69 MeRocks2000
    hey merocks, this is ozzy from like, 3 or so years ago. you might remember me. do you have a skype or anything? wanted to talk about the new server.
  8. OmgItsWill
    IonCraft will be saved!
  9. Jokeachu
    Lets try to save this server
  10. Mike Bailey (nzane1216):2
  11. OmgItsWill
    OmgItsWill daniyal
    is ioncraft dead?
    1. daniyal
      I haven't been told that it is 100% dead (no false hope though)
      Sep 18, 2016
    2. OmgItsWill
      ok it better not be dead if it is then i will confiscate mers pies :)
      Sep 18, 2016
  12. NorstWitherSlayer
  13. Wyverner
    I believe i should be having an Architect bar and a Veteran bar but theres only two there :(
  14. Gamesoulless
  15. Clyx
    Bloodthirsty for revenge
  16. Dabobguy
    Dabobguy DarthSparrow3
    Also well done on architect 4
  17. Dabobguy
    Dabobguy mummyfied88888
    mummyfied88888 I need your help with a redstone build
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    2. Dabobguy
      My parents don't let me Skype
      Sep 4, 2016
    3. mummyfied88888
      It's going to be hard to organise when we'll be on at the same time then, when do you normally play? (Days of the week + time you play)
      Sep 14, 2016
    4. Dabobguy
      Friday. 5.30, great British time
      Sep 14, 2016
  18. Dabobguy
    Dabobguy JT900
    Can you make one of my skin AwesomeAlex31
  19. Dabobguy
    Dabobguy DarthSparrow3
    Ur profile picture is so funny
    1. DarthSparrow3
      Sep 3, 2016
  20. Dabobguy
    Dabobguy DarthSparrow3
    Ur profile picture makes me laugh so much