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Jul 31, 2016
Jul 28, 2014
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Longview Washington
Lazy AF

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Cancer. Snake. Rat. Coords leaker., Male, from Longview Washington

Still cancer. Still trying for mod. Not gunna get it tho. Jun 30, 2016

tankharris606 was last seen:
Jul 31, 2016
    1. Ludde856x
    2. tankharris606
      Still cancer. Still trying for mod. Not gunna get it tho.
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    Longview Washington
    Lazy AF
    Relaxed Nation:
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    Uh. Cancer is basically me...
    I've tired for mod multiple times. Will never, ever, get it. Will keep on trying though. ;)
    I think I'm good at factions, but Dani has always bombed me. Rip Facs btw, its never gonna come back.
    I am a dooooooodd...Or i think i am...Oh geez
    I like cheese and watermelon.
    I like pinicaladas and making love in the dunes of the cape.
    Also i like shasta cola. RIGHT LUCA HUE HUE HUE


    The nerve of that guy and his driving eyeballs.
    Yes, I'm the cancer of Ion. Let me tell the story of mt existence.
    El Tank, was born at the start of 2014. few months later he joined the forums and thus the cancer you see before was formed.
    El Tank was a junkie for factions. He was also a lil bish when he first joined Ion then heard "Tough darts kid get real"
    El Tank then met Dani who was about 4 at the time (Hes now 6) but Dani was the king of facs. Tankie didnt like this. Before he met Dani he met the Cancer wave aids maker Marv. Marv gave cancer to anyone he even looked at. Luca was one of these people. Where was the Lorax when you need him am i right? Ha. haha. Kill me.
    Anywho, el tank did some shady business with Marv, i mean the shadiest, horrible business. Selling enderpearls.
    After a while, facs was killed and wouldn't re-surface FOR 1 1/2 FING YEARS WHAT THE FU-
    Tank then saw that towny was the sub for facs absent self.
    In towny, he teamed up with Marv and Luca (da tree) and made many towns.
    Me, being the un-honorable rat i was, joined facs and leaked coords, a lot. So many didn't like me. Althought i usually gave them to Marv, so.
    Luca dropped out to join the hell of a town called Pyrrhus. AND BECAME A ARCHITECT WHAT THE FUC-
    Tank was upset at Pyrrhus, more or less Badger lets be honest Tank...
    He then did many attacks on the "Glory City"
    Until Marv and Tank had a falling out. Tank was kicked from the current town called MARV. Original I know.
    He then hopped from the desperate towns here and there for cords.
    He met with Frostaria.
    He met Ely. Or coolshirt u nerds.
    Tank then also had a falling out with Frostaria and threatened with Treason.
    He didn't, although he did leak some cords ;]
    Lego and Hunt then did small attacks on Frostaria's Walls.
    Tank hunted for Them.
    Hunt was REKTED
    Lego raged i think idk where he went rip
    Tank then went on his own as a outkast (see what i did there im so funny)
    He made a small town and waited for Townys death...
    After towny's death, facs never did come back until today...
    And thus is today
    And yes, I am still a backstabbing, rat, snake, traitor.
    I wouldn't trust me.