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Pending Coledawg05's Mod App

Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by Coledawg05, Nov 13, 2016.

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  1. Coledawg05

    Coledawg05 Traveller

    Nov 13, 2016
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    Minecraft Username:
    Minecraft Username:

    How long have you been playing on the server?:
    About 1 year now

    What is your best memory playing the server?:
    Meeting all of the great friends that I made from the server.

    List everything you've ever done to contribute to the server, outside of the game:
    Donated $50 For nothing

    Any past moderating experiences? If so, please describe:
    Yes, I've run 2 vanilla bukkit servers, 2 Tekkit servers and a FTB server. Along with running multiple letsplay servers for me and my friends. Also was mod on another server. So I have some experience in the area~ Im very well acquainted with essentials and other plugins.

    Describe yourself (character, values, maturity, etc.):
    I definitely see myself as a friendly and helpful person, I value everyone being able to have fun and have a fair go at whatever they want to do. I see myself as a mature person, I don't hold grudges and I defiantly don't discriminate.

    As a potential Moderator, describe how you would make a difference in Ioncraft:
    I think I can assist the server by working my hardest and doing my job the best I can. I can assist the server by playing every day and playing for hours on end every day just like I do now. I can help out because I have experience with the server and its player base and staff. I can help the server by helping players and staff on the server, discord, forums, and anything else they need help with. I can assist the server by punishing rule-breakers and making the server an even better place than it is now. I think I can help grow the community because I can make the players like the server better, donator or not. I can assist the server by being on when other staff are not on, and being on a lot when staff are both online and offline. I can assist the server by being active on the server being a huge help to all staff and player in need of it. I have learned to deal with people being rude because in my school it is just an everyday thing. I think I can help out because I am pretty mature and I would take every situation very seriously making sure I do not act childish or say something childish that just doesn't belong in a staff member. I think I would be a good staff member because I am a quick learner and I learn things that I need to know in the matter of a few days. I can assist the server by following all the Mod staff rules and deal with all the punishments I get and use them to learn from. I can assist the server by being active on discord, forums and the server blocking screamers on discord and teamspeak, enforcing server rules on both the forums and server, and just keeping the whole server network clean. I can assist the server and be very respectful to all players and staff, and I can also be responsible with what I have to do and help make the server and staff look better. I can assist the server because I already report a lot of hackers and record whenever I play and I will report even more as staff because I will look for more hackers. I would be on doing what I am expected to do from all staff and players anytime I am on the server. I have a pretty loose schedule now that might change eventually, but won't have a huge effect, only a day or two will be changed at a time, but I can play for 6-10 hours a day on the weekends and 3-6 hours on weekdays because of school. I can assist the server by giving more and more ideas and helping out with any problems the server has by telling high staff immediately to fix the problem so we can get the old players back and get more players as well. I can assist the server by assisting players with any and every situation they need solved. I will do whatever it takes to complete my responsibilities on the server and make sure everything I do is done correctly and completely. When I join the server, I always see only 2-3 staff on that are under lots of pressure with lots of people needing help, and I believe I can help those staff members by adding an extra person to help out with anything. I will help out by hacking sufficient evidence for everything, either a player hacking, advertising, spamming, anything. I would make sure I do the right punishment to players by learning the rules for that stuff, and if I make a mistake, I will fix it as quick as I made it. I can also assist the server by helping out other staff in need of it with a big or even small situation. I am very experienced with public plugins and I can learn custom ones very quickly. I think I can assist the server because I know what most hacks look like spreading throughout kill aura, FreeCam, Phase, Bhopping and MANY more. I will take this challenge to show OPCraft I support the whole community by doing my job and doing it the best I can. I think I would be a great help to your staff team
    and you should definitely consider my application.

    Have you read the Moderator Guidelines?:
    Of course

    Do you know all of the Ioncraft rules?:
    Mmhm Yes i do

    CST (Central Standard Time

    Additional comments: Once I have worked at the electronics store in real-life as a trainee. It was a very educational practice place for me and I learned a lot of things about the customer service from there! When I was selling electronic products, I enjoyed talking to customers and helping them find what they are looking for. I am meticulous about handling cash and I am very reliable. In fact, my reference emphasizes that as one of my strong points.
    Then, about one year ago I joined the “Opcraft” staff team. In there, I learned the most basics of professional customer service and some things about work under pressure. That was a very amazing network with a large number of players. However, I felt like I couldn't bring out my full working power during my time as a Opcraft staff member (fewer duties) And the server projects did not get ready on time so, I left the staff team because I didn't have enough spare time to work there due to my previous projects, and I felt like I was not suitable to work in that community because I love fast-paced environments and Opcraft was not that material. Then, a few months passed and I created my own server and played there. It didn’t have many players, but it was a nice community. It really showed me how to work with others closely and how to listen to people. The server is private now and it’s only for friends and family to play on.
  2. NorstWitherSlayer

    NorstWitherSlayer Moderator

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    Apr 8, 2014
    The Wither's Lair
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    Minecraft Username:
    Welcome to Thaumcraft! I am Doolally, owner of this server. I have accepted your mod app and am actually promoting you to Head Admin. As Head Admin, your job will basically be the same as mine. And my job is to do absolutely nothing, because I am not an owner, nor is this Thaumcraft... and it's kinda hard to own a dead server anyway. :p
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