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Jan 19, 2016
  • VIP Patron Elite Legend Master Custom Description
    Rank Color Dark Blue Pink Light Blue Orange Purple Custom Color This is the color that your rank and chat will be.
    Custom Color and Tag no no no no no yes The ability to choose what color your chat color and rank is.
    Player Time yes yes yes yes yes yes The ability to change your player time. *
    Hats no no yes yes yes yes Wear any block you wish as a hat! *
    Carz no yes yes yes yes yes Drive around in a minecart powered by coal! *
    Nickname no no no yes yes yes Allows you to have a colorful username. +
    Disgusecraft no no yes yes yes yes Morph into any animal or block! * +
    Pets no no no yes yes yes Have a pet follow you around while you build. * +
    Set Warps yes yes yes yes yes yes Set public warp points.
    Hub Gadgets (Coming Soon) Rocket, Parachute, Tnt Fountain Cowboy, Tetherball, Pyromaniac + VIP Gadgets Rainbow, When Pigs Fly, Teleport Stick+ Patron Gadgets Railgun, Cryotube, Catapult+ Elite Gadgets All! All! Play with cool Hub Gadgets on our Hub Server.
    Sign Editor yes yes yes yes yes yes Edit signs via commands line by line.
    Reserved Slot yes yes yes yes yes yes Join into the server even when it is full.
    Holograms no no no no yes yes The ability to create holograms of floating words / sentences. +
    Benefits Length Lifetime! Lifetime! Lifetime! Lifetime! Lifetime! Lifetime! Benefits will last for the time-lengths shown
    Price $5 $10 $20 $40 $60 $80 This is the amount of money in United States Dollars you pay for the rank.

    * means only available in Creative worlds and our Relaxed Survival World.

    + means that the Perk is available for individual purchase.

    Ranks may include more Perks then shown above.

    Why Donate?(top)

    The simple answer is that all donations go right into paying for the server. Keeping this server running has costs - currently, running the Ioncraft Network Servers, and webhosting which is about $100 a month. Donations will not only offset the price of running this service, but also, with enough Donations, will allow us to purchase upgrades to the server for faster, lag-free service, expand to allow more player slots, and also allow us to give you a few gifts in return.

    How to Donate(top)

    We use Paypal for accepting payments as it is a an easy, secure method. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can also pay using any credit or debit card.

    Donation Packages(top)

    All packages give you some gifts / Perks in return. Your account is upgraded within 24 hours of donating - if this doesn't happen, please let us know.

    Donations support the server and are not service charges nor fees. All Donations go toward paying the costs associated with running this service and are not refundable. Donations do NOT exempt you from rules -- you can still be jailed or even banned from the service for breaking rules like any other player. We will not issue refunds if you are banned. Commands/in-game coin/Perks are gifts for donation and not a service. We reserve the right to make changes to the Perks as necessary.

    Thanks for your support! - Ioncraft Staff