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Survival Towny World (No PvP)

Jan 19, 2016
Survival Towny World (No PvP)
  • Towny World

    Gamemode (default):
    Access: Everyone
    Compass Symbol: Cake

    To be added.

    To be added

    Special Features

    /town new <town> - Creates a new town.
    /town add <player> - Invites specific player to your town.
    /town kick <player> - Kicks specific player from your town.
    /town claim - Claims a piece of land for your town.
    /town claim auto - Automatically claims a large area for your town.
    /town rank add <player> <rank> - Gives a player a certain rank in your town. (Available Ranks are VIP and Assistant)
    /town spawn <town> - takes you to the town's spawn.
    /town list - Lists all current towns.
    -Will be updated-

    Notable Warps
    /warp t - Takes you to the Towny spawn.

    Current Towns - 5/31/2014
    To be edited.

    Coming soon.